• EZ-Grip Handles: Easily open the sign by aligning the handles, then flip down the support arms and secure them with the clip.
  • Pre-installed Message Boards: Signs with pre-installed tracks are ready to use right out of the box.
  • Ready 4 Graphic Model: Easily install or remove the sign panel using a simple bow-and-slip technique. Designed for 24” x 36” x 4mm corrugated plastic panels.
  • Ballast Ports: Add up to 2 quarts of water inside each leg for extra stability and wind resistance.
  • Portable Design: Move the sign effortlessly by tipping it onto its recessed wheels using the EZ-Grip Handles. It can be rolled in both open and folded positions and fits through most doorways.
  • Easy Storage: Fold the sign by releasing the support arms and closing it. The sign sits securely on its feet whether deployed or stored.
  • Wind Resistance: Designed to withstand winds up to 30-40 mph. For higher winds, bring the sign inside or add more ballast.

Caution: Ensure the sign is adequately ballasted or brought indoors during high winds to prevent damage.

Contains: 1 - 28"(w)x27"(d)x45"(h)Folding, Quick Loading, Rolling A-frame Sandwich Board sign holder with 2.5" wheels

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24" x 36"124---
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